Check Out the Syd Lawrence Orchestra...

Over the past 3 years over promoting the GASO, one of the highlights has been making a wonderful new friend, Chris Dean.  Chris directs the incredible Syd Lawrence Orchestra based in England.  Syd Lawrence was a fabulous trumpeter who founded his band in 1967.  For the past 54 years the SLO has been thrilling audiences all over Great Britain and Continental Europe.  In recent years, Chris Dean, a phenomenal trombonist, has been leading this legendary ensemble.  We met by way of LinkedIn some months ago.  I became an instant fan - I know you will too! Chris and several members of the SLO were voting for us during our recent FedEx Small Business Grant Campaign.  We're hoping to do some collaboration "across the pond" in the near future.  

In the meantime, check out the Syd Lawrence Orchestra on YouTube or on their website.  You're gonna love them! Here's a link to get you started! 

Chris Dean's Syd Lawrence Orchestra - JUMPIN' AT THE WOODSIDE

Thanks again Chris!